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7 March 2024
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This Week in Destiny - 03/07/2024

This week in Destiny we are in the thick of competition.

Titans vs. Warlocks. Warlocks vs. Hunters. Hunters vs. Titans. Winner takes all. "All" in this case being bragging rights and a golden glowing class item. After some hefty TWIDs the past few weeks, we have a bit of a breather where we can focus on the beauty of Guardian Games and give you details on where the competition stands.

Topics for this week:

  • Guardian Games class leaderboard update
  • Guardian Games updates in the Destiny 2 Companion app
  • Guardian Games Bungie Rewards
  • Guardian Games Cup prizing
  • Riven's Wishes final quest
  • Weekly Bright Dust
  • Out the Airlock emblem now live
  • Player privacy and safety update

Who Is the Fairest of Them All?

We're a few days into Guardian Games, and we're off to a strong start. We've got Skimmers zipping around, Medallions being banked, and the warm, gentle smile of Eva greeting us at the Tower. But best of all, we've got a fierce competition brewing! If you haven't had a chance to visit the Tower and check out the crests, don't worry, we have an update on where things currently stand.

Full Standings


Day 1 Results


Day 2 Results


It seems like Hunters are wasting no time! They have already jumped out to an early lead, but the event has just started, and there is still plenty of time to show what your class is made of. As we said last week, Diamond Medallions are a game changer this year, and we may see some major shifts as Guardian's start banking those to turn the tides later on. So, keep at it, Guardians. To stay updated on class progress, visit the Tower and see which class won each day by viewing the crests that adorn the platform. We'll also be back next week with another update and recap.

Collect Contender Cards in the Destiny 2 App

In addition to the updates we've made to Guardian Games this year, we've also added a new way you can interact with the event in the Destiny 2 Companion app. You can now acquire Guardian Game Contender Cards, Platinum Cards, and Diamond Cards directly from the app, similar to how you can with bounties.

Guardian Games Bungie Rewards

We see you, Guardians. You're out there working hard for your class, rocking the beautiful Guardian Games All-Star Memento, and generally just feeling like champs, as you should. And when you're feeling like a champ, you want to look like a champ, right? Well, say no more. You can be styling in no time with the Bungie Rewards Guardian Games Collector's Medal.

Players who have completed the Gold Event Challenge during Guardian Games by March 26 will be eligible to order the medal between March 5 and April 30. For full details on this offer, visit the Bungie Rewards Store.

Guardian Games Cup Prizing

This year, Guardian Games Cup hovers to new heights! Earlier this week we kicked off a brand-new edition of the team-based competition that allows you to compete alongside your favorite fireteam in two possible categories.

  • The Technical category tracks each officially registered team's total number of Medallions dunked during Guardian Games All-Stars.
  • The Charitable category tracks the total amount raised through the team's official Bungie Foundation sign-up page throughout the same period.

The top four teams in each category will be awarded prizes, and today we wanted to share a glimpse of the amazing prize the top team in each category will be taking home: a life-size physical Allstar Vector Skimmer replica with the team's names engraved (one per team, per category)!

For full details on Guardian Games Cup and how to be eligible to compete for the prizes, skim on over to our Guardian Games Cup blog.

Riven's Wishes Final Quest

This week, Mara offers her final quest for Riven's Wishes. And it's one you won't want to miss because it awards two Wish Tokens upon completion. That's two red-border Last Wish weapons or two Exotic pieces of armor or two... well, you get the picture.

If you're starting late or just going at your own pace, don't worry. The Riven's Wishes quests will be available for completion up until the release of The Final Shape. If you've already completed quests and have been holding onto your Wish Tokens, those will go away when the event ends, so make sure you spend them before The Final Shape to get the goodies you're due!

Throw It Out The Airlock

Look the part and join the N7 Special Forces with the new Out the Airlock emblem, now live for all players.

Emblem Code: L3P-XXR-GJ4


Weekly Bright Dust

In the absence of new Seasonal Challenges during this extended Season, we are offering another way for Guardians to acquire Bright Dust . Starting this week, players can visit the Eververse store to claim 700 Bright Dust each week leading up to the launch of The Final Shape. Each deposit is only there for one week, so head on over today, pick yours up, and get spending, Guardian!

Player Support Report

Ride to live. Live to ride.

Known Issues List |  Help Forums |  Bungie Help Twitter


In our ongoing efforts to promote player privacy and safety online, Destiny 2 will require date of birth information from players starting on March 12.

When players log in, those who haven't updated their birthdate on will be met with a birthdate screen before they can access Destiny 2. This is a one-time account request and will be mandatory for all players before they can enter the game.

Keep an eye out for updates in our Date of Birth Requirements article for more information regarding parental controls, answers to commonly asked questions, and more.


Beginning on March 10, 2024, in the United States, Destiny 2's daily and weekly reset time will update to 10 AM PDT (1700 UTC or UTC -7). For more information on ritual resets, please see our Ritual Reset Guide.


  • Previewing the Event Card can cut the Guardian or Ghost off-screen.
  • PlayStation players are unable to use Text or Voice chat.
  • The Supremacy - Guardian Games Crucible playlist is not using Crucible sandbox updates.
  • Skimmer grinding only works with the crouch toggle setting, but doesn't respond to the hold crouch setting.
  • Mapping a vehicle control to the same button as Toggle Crouch will prevent players from being able to grind on the Skimmer.
  • We're investigating reports of players dying in the Lightfall mission "Downfall" when they reach 3 stacks of Pervading Darkness.
  • We are investigating an issue where players who open the "Details" screen under Eva's Guardian Games Event Information redirects players to purchase the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen DLC. This DLC is not required to participate in Guardian Games.
  • Glaives are only getting 1 ammo with the new meter system instead of 4 ammo.
  • Some Guardian Games class items aren't available for armor synthesis.
  • The Strongholds exotic isn't granting Restoration x2 anymore.
  • The Hullabaloo grenade launcher can roll with masterworks that aren't intended.
  • The Heir Apparent catalyst quest can be acquired on account that has already obtained the catalyst.
  • The Legacy button on the character selection screen is unable to be clicked.
  • Some players are unable to progress through Season of the Witch content due to the portal in the H.E.L.M. not appearing.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Going Pro

If you're practicing your Skimmer tricks this week, we hope you can take inspiration from the greatest pro Skimmer of all time, Tony Hawkmoon.

Movie of the Week:

Strand Hitchhiking

Left your Skimmer at home? No problem. You've got a new way to ensure you won't be left stranded.

Movie of the Week:

Hold Your Color

It's not just the vibrant colors and striking design that caught our eye. There is just something extremely satisfying seeing it all on a textured canvas, isn't there? Beautiful.

R0Wgod via Twitter/X

That's everything we have this week. Hopefully you're enjoying Guardian Games and getting some practice with your Skimmer. If we don't see a huge influx of Skimmer trick montages, we'll be disappointed. Beyond that, Update 7.3.5 has brought a ton of great weapon and PvP changes. Let us know what you're enjoying the most, and make sure to check out the @Destiny2Team account on Twitter/X, as we continue to provide updates on the feedback and questions we're seeing.

We'll be back next week with some more Guardian Games updates. In the meantime, play nice and be good to each other. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Destiny 2 Community Team