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16 May 2024
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This Week in Destiny - 05/16/2024

This week in Destiny, we are a little over two weeks away from the launch of The Final Shape. From The Witness to the Dread to Prismatic to Exotic class items, and more, there are so many things to be excited about. And today, we have even more to share with you, including some system updates and reworks that will also happen at launch. So, without further ado, let's get into it!

Topics for this week:

  • Weapons tuning recap.
  • Build your arsenal shorts.
  • Enhanced perk updates.
  • Memento changes.
  • Reduced Fragment costs at Ikora in The Final Shape
  • New boss profile for The Pantheon.
  • Zero Hour Exotic mission is live.
  • METORO webcomic feature.
  • Destiny 2 Content Vault updates.

Weapons Tuning Recap

Yesterday, we shared details about our plans for weapons tuning in The Final Shape. This includes a change to some weapon mod specs, weapon balancing, and perk updates. For more details, check out our Dev Insight: Weapons Tuning Preview blog.

Build Your Arsenal

As the excitement for The Final Shape is ramping up, we're sharing a first look at some of the Exotic weapons and armor you can expect to see. Check them out and start cooking up those builds!

Microcosm Heavy Ammo Trace Rifle

Khostov Auto Rifle

Mataidoxia | Warlock Exotic Chest Armor

Gifted Conviction | Hunter Exotic Chest Armor

Hazardous Propulsion | Titan Exotic Chest Armor

Enhancement in The Final Shape

During the Lightfall year, players have gotten a taste of weapon enhancement with the raid Adept weapons from Root of Nightmares and Crota's End. In The Final Shape, you'll see that this system has undergone some upgrades, making enhancing your weapons easier and allowing us to comfortably expand this system to include more weapons. Here's a quick recap on how weapon enhancement will work alongside some of the changes:

  • Weapon enhancement allows the weapon to be upgraded to receive enhanced traits, a weapon level, and a memento socket. To upgrade your weapon, players can navigate to the inspection screen and insert the enhancement tier mod for standard currencies (raid Adept weapons will continue to use Spoils of Conquest).

  • Enhancement Tier 1:
    • Replaces your Masterwork and provides the weapon with an enhanced intrinsic that matches the stat of your old Masterwork.
    • Provides a weapon level, a date when you first enhanced the weapon, and a memento socket.
    • Raid Adepts only: Since these weapons have a base-crafted version, we want the Adept versions to feel like a meaningful upgrade. Therefore, these weapons can visit the Relic on Mars to adjust their first two columns (typically barrels/magazines) in a similar fashion to how crafted weapons can augment these perk columns.
  • Enhancement Tier 2 (weapon level 11 requirement):
    • Once the player inserts this mod, the left column trait(s) will automatically be upgraded to their enhanced perks. If you have multiple perks, this will update all traits in the column. Players will not need to visit the Relic on Mars to update these traits anymore.
  • Enhancement Tier 3 (weapon level 17 requirement):
    • Once the player applies this mod, the right column weapon trait perks will automatically be updated to be enhanced. Like the left column, this will upgrade all of the traits present and does not require visiting the Relic.

We've heard the feedback that weapons should have more avenues to acquire enhanced traits. In The Final Shape, all new weapons will either be craftable or have access to weapon enhancement. In addition, weapons that remain active drops in the following activities will be eligible for enhancement:

  • Vow of the Disciple raid Adepts
  • Guardian Games
  • King's Fall raid Adepts
  • Gambit
  • Competitive Crucible (all of them)
  • Trials of Osiris
  • Crucible
  • Iron Banner
  • Vanguard Ops
  • Nightfalls
  • Prophecy Dungeon

This will include older instances of these weapons, as long as they have an origin trait. Unfortunately, due to some technical constraints, there are a handful of weapons instances from before Season 17 that have origin traits and are active drops, but they will not be eligible for weapon enhancement. If a weapon is not actively dropping in these activities and playlists or it's under the legacy focusing options, it will not be enhance-able when The Final Shape releases. If weapons are reissued and become a part of a playlist's active drops once again, we'll update older versions that have origin traits to enter weapon enhancement.

Mementos in The Final Shape

We've received a lot of feedback on weapon mementos, especially as new mementos have released in our seasonal events. In The Final Shape, we have a few changes coming that impact how you store mementos and apply them to your weapons.

  • Crafted and enhanced weapons will no longer need to visit the Relic on Mars to apply mementos. Players can apply the memento of their choosing directly in the weapon inspection screen.
  • Memento stack cap limits will be raised from 1 to 3.
  • Mementos will no longer be stored alongside the player's consumables. When The Final Shape launches, your mementos under consumables will show as faded. Then, once the faded memento is dismantled, you'll see +1 memento added in the weapon inspection screen as a virtual currency. For players who figured out how to get around the original memento stack size limits, this will allow you to dismantle all those mementos safely, even if you temporarily go over the intended stack limit of three. If you are holding three (or more) of a particular memento, it will not drop again until you spend your mementos to be under the stack size limit of three.

Reduced Fragment Costs at Ikora In The Final Shape

Subclass Fragments purchasable from Ikora are expensive, particularly considering how many there are, especially for New Lights. In The Final Shape, we have reduced the cost of Fragments from 25000 Glimmer to 10000 Glimmer. Our goal here is to make these vital build-crafting elements more accessible for new and returning players.

The Pantheon Grows Stronger

Another week, and your task has become more difficult, Guardians. Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness, has joined The Pantheon, and we've gathered intel for your mission.



You are tasked with the elimination of the following target:



  • The last-known Lubraean
  • First Disciple of the Witness
  • Other names: The Upender, Worm Father
  • Dread
  • Resonant


  • Darkness mastery
  • Immeasurable strength and durability
  • Powerful Lubrae's Ruin Glaive
  • Suns of Lubrae attack and debuff
  • Savage Strike kick
  • Umbral Suffocation attack
  • Teleportation
  • Resonant Spikes area effect
  • Guardians rated Sigma-3 or lower are advised not to engage


  • Rhulk was born on the planet Lubrae, a world originally blessed by the Traveler that spiraled into an authoritarian regime when the Traveler left. Fueled by rage, Rhulk sought to destroy the regime, but his bloodlust led to being ostracized from his clan. Eventually, afraid of what he'd become, his clan attempted to kill him.
  • Decrypted records from the Pyramid indicate that the Witness made contact with Rhulk during this time, restored him, and empowered him as the first Disciple. Rhulk took his vengeance on Lubrae, annihilating its parent star and destroying the planet.
  • Vanguard power assessments place Rhulk far above any previous enemy faced by any Guardian. Battle scholars theorize the bold fireteam that stormed the sunken Pyramid only prevailed due to Rhulk's humoring a fight to begin with. But prevail they did.


  • Hidden cipher-sequences buried in the symbols throughout have been decrypted by a pioneering Cryptarch, thanks to countless fireteams keeping the way clear. The solved sequence is believed to be astronomical coordinates to Lubrae. (Probe dispatched... awaiting arrival.)
  • The creation of the Hive was majorly influenced by Rhulk. The first Disciple of the Witness subjugated the Worm mother, Xita, and forced her spawn into union with the Krill, which led to the Hive species and the Hive Gods themselves.
  • Cryptarchs have uncovered communications between Rhulk and Savath√Ľn in which Savath√Ľn derides Rhulk's simplicity as a tactician. According to the Witch Queen, the first Disciple only values strength, and his downfall will be his brute force approach to every situation.

Zero Hour Exotic Mission Is Live

The Zero Hour Exotic mission is now live. If you haven't jumped in yet, you can find it in the Into the Light node in the Director. Completing the mission in the required timeframe will earn you the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle.

As we mentioned last week, we're celebrating the release by asking you to share your favorite moments with TR3-VR. Post your favorite art, screenshots, videos, or memes — anything that shows your love for our favorite overly attached robot. Just use the hashtag #MyFriendTR3VR. We'll be giving our favorites an Art or Movie of the Week emblem and sharing your creations in a future TWID.

METORO Webcomic Feature

Do you like cute webcomics? Of course you do! Check out these weekly panels from Japanese webcomic artist METORO that detail her first journey into Destiny 2! Remember what it was like the first time you got your hands on the Gjallarhorn? How about your first raid? Piecing together the story behind the Light and Darkness saga? Well, METORO has put her Destiny 2 adventures into art form. You can catch her original work over on Twitter/X in Japanese or read it translated into English below:

METORO Discovers Destiny 2

METORO Challenges Onslaught

METORO Teaches a History Lesson

METORO Runs Vault of Glass

METORO Takes on The Pantheon

Player Support Report

"I would die for Archie" did not mean I wanted him to actively be the death of me.

Known Issues List |Help Forums |Bungie Help Twitter


With the start of Year 7 of Destiny 2, on June 4 certain items will be deprecated from player inventories that correspond with vaulted activities and seasonal campaigns. They will then be moved into the Destiny Content Vault.

We have updated the Destiny Content Vault article to reflect these changes and created a new article fully outlining Items Being Deprecated at the Start of Year 7 for players to reference.


Parents, guardians, and other responsible adults are now able to adjust their child's Destiny 2 settings.

To set up parental controls, both the child and their adult need a account, and we will need to verify that the person providing consent and setting controls is an adult. We have created a Parental Controls Help article with details explaining how to create an account and instructions on linking it to your child's.

>We have also updated our privacy policy. Please visit to create or manage your account and set your preferences today.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:

  • Capturing a zone in the Collision PvP game mode while having full super energy will slightly reduce Super energy.
  • Tormentors can push turrets away in Onslaught with their slam or grab attacks.
  • The Zero Deaths Triumph only unlocks when completing Zero Hour on the Legend difficulty, which should unlock on both Normal and Legend difficulties.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article.

If you observe other issues, please report them to our #Help forum.

Who's The Fairest Of Them All?

This is what happens when someone asks you to draw your favorite Ghost Shell. The classic 77-way first-place tie.

Cheeese Lord on Twitter/X

A Titan's Sacrifice

Why does it always seem to be Titans dying in spectacular fashion? Is it because they are the bravest class, charging into battle to protect others without worrying about their own well-being? Uh... yeah, we can just go with that.

Movie of the Week:

That's everything we have for this week. Hopefully you've been having fun on the new PvP maps. We know there is a lot to do in these final weeks before The Final Shape, but if you haven't checked the PvP maps out yet, jump into the New Territory playlist to give them a try. Not only are they beautiful and fun, you can also earn the Slaycation emblem by checking them out.

We'll be back next week with another TWID and more details to share on The Final Shape. In the meantime, be good to each other, and thanks for hanging out with us.

Destiny 2 Community Team