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Destiny Awaits – Part 6

The massive green orb of Venus came closer and closer into view. It’s green forests materializing in Argyn’s pupils. He loved thinking of Venus as a child. He would often imagine climbing the Ancient Trees that rested at over six hundred feet high. He thought up adventures that he would never get to take going […]

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Stellar Conjunction

–Part One– Before your worlds there were others. Before your star there were others. Your world and star once belonged to them, before they were scattered and reformed in a different place and a different time. Like moths to flames, stars brought them to life but in a single brilliant flash their homeworlds were destroyed, […]

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Chance Encounter

The ship is an ancient rustbucket, and it looks as though it has been here since time immemorial. It was probably a fighter once upon a time, but it is difficult to tell. Time has worn its identity away, and the foliage has overgrown it so that it is little more than scraps of sheet […]

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Destiny Awaits – Part 5

“What actual knowledge do you expect to gain from me? I cannot give you anything that the Traveler itself could not give to you. I know less than you might even know now. You come here asking questions that I do not know the answers to! You barge into my home and interrogate me! Why […]

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Destiny: Whispers of Rain

Destiny: Whispers of Rain   “They scare me,” the child said softly, “with their howls and screams…they give me nightmares.” She peered over, watching a young boy hide within the embrace of his father, “I know, son”, he reassured, promising that one day he would make the ‘monsters’ disappear. But she knew all too well […]

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Destiny Awaits – Part 4

The Fallen Captain swung at Argyn, who ducked just enough for the blade to take off a tuft of his hair. he lunged at the alien and tackled it to the ground, quite a feat for someone three or four feet shorter than it. Argyn drew his pistol, Frequent Abuse, and went to take a […]

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Destiny Awaits – part 3

The stadium’s infirmary was a sad excuse for a hospital. It was unclean, small, and dark and damp. There was never more than two doctors working – retired Warlocks who had the ability to heal. a dozen nurses always running around like there was something important to do. There never was. The City had another […]

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Destiny Awaits – part 2

Argyn felt odd getting out of his ship in the lower hangar in the Academy. It was going to be the last time he’d ever be there and he was going to miss it. It had been his home away from home for the last seven years. He had trained here, chosen a class here, […]

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Destiny Awaits – part 1

Captain felt more pride in this moment than he had in his whole life. More than marrying his wife, more than when the immense power of The Traveler had been vested in him by the Forger, and more proud than the day his boy had been brought into this world. For on this day, his […]

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Destiny: The Librarian.

*Disclaimer. I do not own Destiny. That would be Bungie* — Merric lumbered down the crowded street, trying not to knock over any of the passing crowd bustling around him. Cursing his stupidity for choosing ‘Market day’ to deliver his message, he pushed forward, listening to the mass of people buzzing with activity. His bulky […]

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