The Legend of Titan Ish-Kaneel Part 1


Could it be? No. He had been dead for many years. The Ghost moved towards the body of a dead Titan. He had been collecting data for the Vanguard in Old Russia, but he never thought that he would find this. “czzk– Another dead one. -czzk


The Ghost moved closer to the guardian to examine him when he awoke suddenly. The Ghost was frightened and hid behind a large rock. The Titan got up on his feet and drew a hand cannon that the Ghost had never seen.

Suddenly a horde of Fallen appeared over a ridge not too far away from their position. The Titan fired one shot from his weapon that struck a Dreg in the chest. The bullet became lodged within the Dreg and exploded in a blast of void energy. He then called upon the light and used Fist of Havoc  to crush many more of the Fallen. He quickly became overwhelmed and popped a Ward of Dawn from the orbs he created with his Fist of Havoc. He became trapped within the Ward, surrounded by Fallen.

The Ghost had never seen anything like it! The Titan was firing through his Ward, killing Fallen around him. The Ghost thought that his gun had jammed when he pulled the trigger but it didn’t compress completely. He then used another super that the Ghost had never seen. The Titan pulled the light from around him, creating a dark orb in his place. The orb exploded revealing a Titan covered in darkness.

The Titan left his Ward and was hit over and over again with various shots. His “Armor of Darkness” made him invincible, and not only that, gave him extraordinary strength. The battle was over in seconds.

The Titan stood amidst Fallen bodies, resting. The Ghost slowly moved behind him until he was over his left shoulder. The Titan instantly reached over his shoulder with his right arm and grabbed the Ghost, sealing him within an orb of darkness.

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