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The City: Excerpts from the Ages

Lost Journal Fragments IV-I: Days have turned to months which have turned into years. I can’t even remember the proper year anymore. I was just a boy when it happened, our world torn asunder. Being so far from the Traveler, we can only speculate as to what terror brought on the darkness. Jesse figured it […]

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…the walls of our city…

It my early days, after I crossed the great mountain range and caught my first glimpse of the Traveler, the Wall amounted to very little. Its most enduring feature was the streams and tributaries that marked the very beginnings of the heart of the City. In many places that’s all the wall was. Natural obstructions […]

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Little Lights in the Darkness, Part Two

Reason. Natela tensed as the gun was drawn from its holster and then pointed directly at her. She’d stared down the barrel of a gun one or twice before, but back then it had always been with the assumption that its wielder would not fire unless she did something stupid. Now, that assumption was reversed. […]

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Little Lights in the Darkness, Part One

Found. In the dark, nighttime shadows of The City, close to the outer wall, far from the skyscrapers and lights centered beneath The Traveler, something hastened across the dimly lit streets. And then another something. Then a third and fourth and fifth and sixth and finally, a smaller seventh. The shadowy figures, a group of […]

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Destiny: Birthright

This was then. The two men sat apart, as they always did, on the rocky outcrop just beyond the walls of The City. The Wall rose up behind them: sturdy, weather-worn and scarred in a thousand places. Robust and ever-dependable, it had stood for centuries, and would have to stand a thousand more. The alternative […]

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