by kapowaz, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 06:49 (3857 days ago) @ kapowaz

Seriously, Bungie. When are you going to actually show this game? Two months after E3 and this first hands-on with the game for anyone outside the company is a 90 second playthrough …of part of the demo you showed at E3? So many hints, but so little confirmation. I feel like you're stringing us out indefinitely, and it's leading to two possible conclusions:

1. You're awful, awful teases attempting to blue-ball us into submission.
2. The game is actually nowhere near finished enough, and you're worried that features in development won't make the cut, so you're not willing to talk about them just in case they're not in the final game.

My money is on 2. And I don't blame you if that's the case, but it makes me feel like you've started courting publicity way too early. I'd have preferred you'd stayed silent for another 6-12 months than what feels like being fed a single PEZ tablet once a month.

Anyway, I look forward to the next Edge Magazine exclusive, wherein we actually get the answers to the many, many questions we all have…

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