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by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Thursday, August 01, 2013, 19:03 (3942 days ago) @ kapowaz

Honestly I think you guys are crazy. Or maybe I just had different expectations. There were a lot of details I got out of that article. Mind you they are not huge, but with the game still being in pre-alpha, that is not that surprising. Here's a few of the details I found:

* Public events are cyclical. "You could hang out and enjoy them again and again and again - forever, I guess."
* In general outdoor open areas will be public space. That is a LOT of public space.
* Engine maximum for map size right now is 2 kilometers.
* Areas that will be closed at one moment will be open later.
* Crafting system was all but confirmed.
* You collect upgrade materials to upgrade loot.
* If you hang out in a public area for an hour they expect you could run into 50-100 people.
* At least in their development build they can play while the servers are offline.
* Bungie is working on powers and abilities to distinguish classes. The Warlock's glide is used as an example.

That of course doesn't include the tidbits about their game design philosophy, which there are many more, but I think that's quite a bit of new information for a game that could be more than a year out.

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