A few more that I liked

by electricpirate @, Friday, August 02, 2013, 09:18 (3855 days ago) @ Xenos

A few more that I thought could be important

* Alien Factions don't get along, and you can turn them on each other/ use them in your battle plans
*AI seems to be a big focus "Destiny's Designers will fight a single infinately spawning enemy inside a test environment until behaviors are perfected"
* Mix of linear and open spaces. Designed around circulation, so it sounds like areas in the world will be re-used to some degree as you traverse through for different reasons. Less of a "Hub and spoke Design" of something like Oblivion, where you have a big hub, and descend into linear spokes and come back out.
* Fireteam limit currently at 3 in order to avoid "Clown town" where the fastest players just skip ahead of everyone, and the pace of the game goes crazy and you miss everything.
*There's a fun anecdote about how important the connected nature of the world is, where one designer describes how his son one night realized there was no one left and decided it was time for bed.
* Seemed to Poo poo the idea of level scaling, there are things that will be too strong for you, that you have to come back for. (SOUND THE CODY ALARM)

It reall seems like the design of destiny is about getting people to play together in productive ways. Whether it's getting a small fireteam together, or getting you into these public events to play alongside your fellow guardians, destiny is a game that needs to be played with others.

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