Speculation Saturday #1: The Golden Age (Destiny)

by DJenser, Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 12:29 (3928 days ago) @ Ragashingo

What if it isn't the various races themselves that followed the Traveler, but the 5th Race? What if the Traveler wrought a similar "Golden Age" upon the Cabal & the Fallen in the distant past & the mysterious Flying Pyramid Builders appeared & secretly co-opted each of them in turn, promising the Cabal new worlds to conquer & the Fallen a chance to regain their former glory, turning them each into lackeys of a sort? Perhaps the Vex came from a race that has yet to be encountered, but is destined to be wiped out in the future & who sent them back to our time, a pivotal time in history, to effect a change drastic enough to preserve their creators own timeline?

And the Hive? well, the short answer would be "Because Space Zombies"...

Honestly, these pieces are too scattered to provide much info in and of themselves... We still need a few crucial missing bits to link them all together.

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