With the Transformers adding the other 103%… *NM* (DBO)

by Leviathan ⌂, Hotel Zanzibar, Thursday, September 05, 2013, 21:10 (3969 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I really really dislike those movies.

I'm sure the 80's cartoons and toys helped me form the impression, but I just meant Optimus Prime actually feels like a sentient being next to that Shia kid and the Replaceable Hot Girl. As much as I enjoy Transformers fighting each other with cool voices, I just cringe way too much whenever the fleshy pink things show up or get way too bored when the US Army advertisements start playing. Though Mark Walberg [EDIT] and apparently the Girl In the Fireplace [/EDIT], is a definite upgrade in the actors, I've sworn to give no more money to Michael Bay.

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