So sharp and clean (Destiny)

by scarab @, Saturday, September 07, 2013, 13:58 (3917 days ago)

I'm not normally one to obsess over graphics - I expect today's wow to be tomorrows "so what?" but that is one Sharp Dressed Exo.

I thought that Destiny had less detailed models than Halo 4 because it had to run on a wider range of hardware and 343i seems to have gone all out for detail at the expense of world size (and gameplay).

But looking at that Exo... And the background behind him... wow the detail!

Ok, the rubbish on the floor is a bit amorphous and some of the the cables are rather segmented but everything else is extremely crisp. I like that.

Bungie's worlds are a feast for the eyes.

I think this is what Bungie wanted to do for Halo 2 (with their sharp stencil shadows) still no real time reflections on visors but maybe on the new consoles...

Talking of which - what machine produced that image? A PC? Next gen console? 360?!? Android telephone? ;-)

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