So he's called The Crow? (Destiny)

by scarab @, Sunday, September 08, 2013, 02:26 (3916 days ago) @ uberfoop

Still reading that PDF you linked to.

3 comments I want to make now.

#1: People don’t like to spend a lot of time in dismal, hostile places.

That's one reason that I don't play Halo 4 (in particular FuD). Bungie gets this.

The key to the Destiny approach is the highly compressed and flexible G-Buffer representation. At 96 bits per pixel, this means we can use a resolution up to 1200 x 720 on the XBOX 360, without any tiling.

Since they probably wont tile: we can assume 1200 x 720 on that platform.

We had to come up with a subsurface scattering model that would support alien characters such as the crow

The accompanying picture shows the black haired exotic who says that he talks with his gun.

So he's, probably, the dude known as, "The Crow". (Though that name could be subject to change by the time the game is released.)

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