State of Decay 2 (Fireteam Builder Events)

by cheapLEY @, Sunday, May 27, 2018, 16:27 (639 days ago) @ Korny

I've played for like four hours now, so I'm really just starting.

I’m six or seven hours in, and while I’m sure that there’s still a bit left to do and explore, so can’t help but feel like I’m hitting the endgame of the region that I started in before everything becomes repetition.

Dang, really? You must play way more efficiently than I am! I've played 7 hours and 3 minutes according to Xbox's tracking, and I still fee like I'm just starting. I haven't left my starting base yet, and I'm really only starting to do what feel like significant quests (I'm helping another group start a mechanic shop to fix up cars). I've killed one Plague Heart (but found three more, so far). I've only seen like half of my starting map.

Yeah, that’s been happening to me quite a bit, as well as the seemingly-common “disappearing follower” bug (though I found that if you go to the community tab and choose to play as the follower, it should fix the issue as soon as you hop in a car).

That bug is frustrating. I usually just ignore it, they always just appear at home base when I get back.

Yeah, it’s really annoying at first, but I’ve definitely grown to appreciate the danger (especially when there are red eyes in the dark). I’m just lucky that I’ve only run into Ferals during the day.

How are you "supposed" to deal with Ferals? I've only killed two, and I ran both of them over with my SUV.

If you have game pass, I definitely recommend the game. If you don’t, it really is hard to sell someone in it until it goes on sale.

It seems like the supported the first game well (just judging from what I've heard, as I never played it), so I hope to see the same here.

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