State of Decay 2 (Fireteam Builder Events)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, May 28, 2018, 10:16 (638 days ago) @ Korny

Haven't done any co-op yet, but I definitely want to check that out, as the lack of it is honestly the biggest complaint that I had about the first one.

Co-op is fun, but you sort of have to write off meaningful progress for your own game if you join someone else’s. You can bring some supplies back, but that’s really it I think.

Maybe it’s just way too big of a technical hurdle, but I’d love to see the Minecraft server equivalent for this game. I wish we could start a game together. If we’re both online, we can pick different survivors and work together. If we’re playing a different times, it’s just like the single player, only we share a community. So I could log in and see that you’ve built out the base, recruited two new survivors, and killed a plague heart, and then pick up from there. I think it’d be really neat.

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