Lodging: price change.. (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Monday, July 02, 2018, 17:55 (2149 days ago) @ Dame117

okay so... we lost another one (partially).

as of 7/2/18 that puts the lodging cost now at $98 per person for the weekend for the 5 left who will be there (Stabbim, Cheapley, Dame, Kermit & Bluerunner). That's at the limit of the budget for some of us.

if Funkmon is able to make it to Des Moines to carpool in with Stabbim, that'll bring us back to 6 people and $82 per person for the weekend. (paypal is probably the easiest way for you guys to reimburse me. We can wait a couple weeks in case people / price changes again)

Well Stabbim, looks like we could have done this at your home after all! LOL. We went from 9 confirmed (12 to 15 with the 'maybes') down to 5 or 6 people. Of course this all starts to unravel a couple days after I book the place despite holding off doing so for several weeks! {shrug}

It'll be good times none-the-less :)
D2, BBQ, & Story-Time with Blue!

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