BBQ Recommendations (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Monday, July 02, 2018, 18:01 (2149 days ago) @ Blackt1g3r

  • Gates - Best Brisket in town, just be prepared to order before you get in line.
  • Joes Kansas City - Great pulled pork, great french fries, and the Z-Man (BBQ Sandwich with onion rings on top)

Sad to say we can't come this time around but hopefully next time!

Awesome! Thank you for chiming in :) Good to get a locals perspective!
Searching online did turn up Arthur Bryant's, Gates, Joe's and Jack Stack as frequently nominated best for BBQ

Steak recommendations came up with Anton's taproom, Pierpoints at Union Station, Jess & Jims, and Hereford House.

re: the BBQ places you recommend, any of them have a good mild / sweet BBQ sauce for anyone who maybe is a wimp when it comes to hot spicy things?? :)

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