Raid Jacket & A Disloyal Company (Criticism)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Thursday, September 13, 2018, 17:03 (691 days ago)

It seems like each Raid, Bungie puts more emphasis on grinding to get to the proper level, makes the grind steeper, and gives more recognition and rewards to the teams who play Destiny all day as a profession... at the expense of those of us without so much time.

With Spire of Stars, my DBO team was the first full team of DBOers to beat that Raid Lair... and it took us something like a month longer to get ready than the Worlds First teams. We weren't slouching. We even went in a little under level. But we also have lives and responsibilities. It sucked to have to stay blind for so long... but at least we weren't really missing out on anything (except maybe a very exclusive emblem?)

That has now changed.

Now, Bungie is giving access to an awesome jacket that my team has no hope of getting. The window for beating the raid and claiming the jacket closes at least two weeks before we planned to be ready. This, to me, is beyond outrageous. Beyond saddening. I've asked before Who is Destiny Being Made For? Well... now I know that I'm not even part of the consideration any more.

Destiny 2 is better than ever. Better storylines. Better cinematics. Better worlds to explore. We got lore... entire books of it... in the actual game now, for crying out loud! But the slant of this game and its grind has shifted dramatically away from what I am able or even willing to put into it.

Tonight? I'm playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. At least Lara will actually be getting something out of her Raids. :(

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