Contrary opinion (Criticism)

by cheapLEY @, Saturday, September 15, 2018, 19:16 (1044 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I think his point is this (and if it's not, it's a point I want to make anyway):

I’ve always been for doing things that are fun and not going out of your way and stressing out in a unfun way to get to some fun you will get to sooner or later.

A blind raid isn't something you can just get to "sooner or later." It's something you have to do as quickly as possible, or the opportunity is gone. Sure, I could maybe put together a blind raid through LFG, but I don't want to play with some random dipshits--I want to play with you dipshits, and people interested in blind raiding here disappear fast as they get it done.

So look at it this way. You're disappointed that Bungie is making it really difficult to earn the privilege of buying an overpriced jacket. The rest of us have always been disappointed that Bungie is making it overly difficult to earn the privilege of playing their damn video game in the manner we wish to. In the past, it's been an issue, but it's been bearable and doable. Now, though, they've made it stupidly difficult (time consuming is a better word, probably--it's not difficult in the true sense of that word).

And to make it worse, it doesn't seem like drops even keep pace with your power level. Every drop I get is at 500, unless it's a Powerful Engram. So, even if I manage to get close to 560 in a reasonable time, who the hell knows what weapons I'll have to be using to maintain that, because every other weapon I get is apparently going to be at 500 still, rather than dropping at close to that level and maybe being viable. This soft cap shit has always been bad and dumb, but it seems especially so now.

Note... I’m not changing my philosophy... but the game and top end rewards have changed so much now I am strongly considering everything from this being my last blind Raid to deleting Destiny and writing off live-type games all together. (And I’m completely serious here.)

That's a real fucking bummer, and I hope you don't. Despite this issue, I think Destiny is really fun right now, and mostly in a pretty good spot. But I do hope that now you can empathize with what many of us have been saying for quite a while.

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