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by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Saturday, September 15, 2018, 14:59 (669 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

I do have a question for Raga. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but it seems to me that while others have been criticizing this particular element of Destiny since the beginning, you have often rushed to Bungie's defense on these issues. It strikes me that it isn't until Bungie externalized the rewards (ie the jacket) that this issue has bothered you. Am I wrong about that? If I'm not wrong, what is it about this specific situation that bothers you, where it hasn't bothered you before? Not criticizing your reaction here, just genuinely curious :)

Heh. I’d have to go back and see what I said in order to disagree with you on that... so lets go with it.

My impression of... um... myself is that I’ve always been for doing things that are fun and not going out of your way and stressing out in a unfun way to get to some fun you will get to sooner or later. And that was fine up until now. I don’t mind not getting something minor like an emblem. Even something like the physical Raid belts I’m cool with because I know I’m never going to rush to be World’s First. It goes against my always have fun philosophy. But it changes things when the vast majority of players are excluded from a substantial reward because the time limit is so strict that me and my group who have been playing every night and generally gaining most of the Powerful Gear opportunities are only at the level where enemies might go invincible on us by the end.

That is such a buzz kill. To play a lot. To play more than most. To know how all the new systems work and how to use them effectively... To do all that and to be far and away excluded from something cool. Not even something I would have bought... but something that I wish I had the chance to buy. Instead, it feels to me like I’m going to be excluded from things each Raid going forward unless I quit my job and become a streamer who can play all day every day.

Basically, Destiny moved from something where, sure, there might have been a reward or two I didn’t want to get, to a game where there are now major rewards that I cannot reasonably get. And that makes me sad. And mad. I mean look, there were reports of some of these World’s First teams peeing into bottles in order to not quit playing. To me, that’s absurd... yet its what was required to get one of those jackets... or nearly so.


Note... I’m not changing my philosophy... but the game and top end rewards have changed so much now I am strongly considering everything from this being my last blind Raid to deleting Destiny and writing off live-type games all together. (And I’m completely serious here.)

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