Power Leveling (this week and next) (Destiny)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Thursday, November 29, 2018, 14:08 (589 days ago) @ Kermit

Could you coach me as far as leveling goes?... What should I do before Tuesday?

Borrowing from this:

For all characters this week:

When the new content is released, grind public events and lost sectors (nothing powerful) until you hit the new soft cap via rare (blue) drops.

Then you can start to complete (and/or turn in) powerful reward activities and bounties. Unknown at this time what the optimum strategy for that will be, but assuming that things work similarly to Season 4, you'll want to balance +5 rewards with +1 rewards to evenly grow your light level across all slots.

If you have 3 characters, do this with your tertiary character first. Once that character has reached max power and no more powerful rewards are available that week, start again with your secondary character - they'll begin with the highest light weapons left over from the first character, so they should be able to gain more light. Finally, do it all again with your main character so they have the highest light possible (by your Friday start time).

Good luck!


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