My ridiculous power-leveling plan (Destiny)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Thursday, November 29, 2018, 14:12 (613 days ago) @ Kermit
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I'll get the most important question out of the way: you are intending this team to be blind, yes?


If so, we're on the same page, Disciple. I'd rather jump in as soon as possible and go for as long as possible (in as few sittings as possible) to finish. That's always been my preference, but finding people with the flexibility or willingness to do such a thing has been difficult.

Could you coach me as far as leveling goes? I frankly was confused about the Robot Chickens/Disciple method from last release--I probably didn't spend the time necessary (for me) to understand what you guys were saying.

It was mostly just trying to make an educated guess at which type of activity was most likely to provide the most beneficial reward. I think Bluerunner took the exact opposite approach I did and leveled at pretty much the same rate :p

What should I do before Tuesday? I'm willing to get on early and stay up late (or later than normal) weeknights next week, and I might even take at least part of Friday off. It's a short-term sacrifice of real life that honestly I prefer over six weeks of stress trying to find a few hours here and there when everyone can play.

Edit: Chappy's plan is more thorough and easier to read. Use his instead :p

I'm not 100% sure on what vendors will be giving what level of rewards next week, but my goal for this weekend is to have milestones completed but not claimed wherever possible (I can pretty much guarantee they'll be at the current level cap and not the new one, but it's worth a shot) and to have things ready to be completed as soon as I jump in on Tuesday. Off the top of my head, I know I'll be making sure I've got 5K XP worth of clan bounties, eight Dreaming City bounties, and enough other random bounties completed to hit the 20 required for Ikora's weekly reward.

I'm really hoping to have that ready to go on all three characters so that on Tuesday I can turn in everything (AFTER picking up that Dreaming City bounty for turning in 8 other bounties--don't want to screw that up again), knock out the easiest daily milestones and hopefully roll into any new missions/activities (providing they promise powerful rewards) pretty quickly.

The goal for me will be to knock out nearly every possible powerful reward milestone for my Warlock on Tuesday, then knock out dailies on my Titan and Hunter before bed. Wednesday I'll pick up any new dailies on my Warlock, then do all of the rewards on my Titan and wrap up the day with any new dailies on my Hunter. Finally on Thursday, I'll do the new dailies on my Warlock, then Titan, then Hunter and then hopefully get through all of the other available rewards which, ideally, should push my Hunter to the highest power level of the three (unless I get REALLY unlucky with my rewards). Depending on how all of that goes, I'll either use any time I have on Friday between getting home from work and raid start time to either knock out any new dailies that have popped up (I really should have paid closer attention to how these are renewed during the week), or take a nap--whichever looks like it would be most beneficial to my raiding ability :p


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