Calling Dr. Shingo, Dr. Ragashingo *Spoilers* (Destiny)

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Yeah. I still need to double check all of this to make sure I’m not linking things that don’t belong together, but my initial impression of the latest lore is:

Dredgen Yor allowed Shin Malphur to kill him. More than that, by defeating Jaren Ward after Ward shot first (Jaren Ward did not miss!), Yor showed Shin (and by extension other Guardians) that while traditional speed and skill (like Jaren Ward had with his trusty The Last Word) was enough to fight Fallen, more extensive uses of Light-based techniques (like Golden Gun) would be required to fight true minions of The Darkness. In a way, Yor emphasized this fact by causing decades of death and destruction such that a Guardian like Shin has to call on the Light to put a permanent end to Yor.

For a while now in the lore, we’ve been lead to believe that Shin Malphur was “The Man With The Golden Gun”, a semi-rogue Guardian who would hunt down and permanently kill any Guardian that experimented any with the Darkness. The newest info is that Shin is actually a member of a group called The Shadows of Yor who is heavily involved in experimenting with The Darkness. Shin himself has taken on a Dredgen title which is a somewhat shocking twist in what we know about him. In messages to our Guardian, Shin explains that he and this group exist both to find ways to harness the Darkness to protect humanity AND to provide a permanent end to those like Dredgen Yor who can’t cope with the corrupting allure of falling too deep into the Darkness. Essentially, Shin is running a honeypot, a group that (in part) promotes experimenting with Darkness but that also comes down fatally hard on Guardians that go too far. Gambit and the Drifter seem to also be involved with this two pronged scheme. (Though I would not put full faith in the goodness of the Drifter.)

Interestingly, the persona of “The Man With The Golden Gun”, a Guardian so blinded by Righteousness and Light that he’ll end any Guardians who does any experimenting with Darkness, is really just a way to bruise the egos of weak willed Guardians who would have taken longer to be seduced by the Darkness. Basically they are herded into experimenting and killed if they go too deep. Shin really does kill corrupt Guardians, but nowhere near as often or as unconditionally as his legend implies.

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