Dredgen Yor and A Lack of a Light Side Argument (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Monday, March 11, 2019, 20:57 (510 days ago) @ Harmanimus

I suppose I was working off the supposition that the story, the myth, played better with a gunshot. But I suppose in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter if he shot or not, but there is more to support taking the shot. (Albeit I kinda like the idea that Ward refused the path Shin accepted, I digress)

And I guess I wasn’t clear enough with what I meant by ploy. The redemption arc for Yor being chasing a successor. That Ward couldn’t produce the necessary fire, making him unable to do what was necessary, and that Yor knew he had tipped past the event horizon. He was trying to find someone who would walk that line. And Shin has been doing it, but more in the sense of carrying on Yor’s real work. Not weapons of sorrow but finding balance between Light and Dark.

I’ve only done one pass on the new lore stuff, and not even all of it.

Yeah, one interpretation could be that Rezly Azzir went to the moon and barely survived a battle with the Hive and fell into despair knowing that the Darkness was an extremely powerful foe. And his rampage of murder and destruction might have been him testing various Guardians to see if they could succeed where he failed. He killed Pahanin, who was a Crucible champion. He killed Jaren Ward who was protecting a town. Etc.

As for a balance between Light and Darkness, that's been coming up a lot recently. Of course, there's the Awoken who were born in the conflict between Light and Darkness. More recent was Mara Sow's little proclamation about the subject:

When there is too much Darkness in the universe, Light must cast it away. And when there is too much Light, Darkness must drown it out.

But even more recently, there's a Transcript of the Drifter talking to someone or something... possibly the Nine:

[u.1:02] You showed me a universe with no Light. Dominated by the Dark. What are you arguing? Steadfastness in the Traveler's dogma? Ha ha. That's not obtuse enough for y'all.
[u.1:03] No, no. I don't think so. Because then you showed me a reality without shadows, of pure Light from every angle. Nowhere to hide. Everyone begging to die, like we did in the Dark Age. Light's no gift, but I already knew that. What else you got?

I'm a little concerned that Bungie is going down a path of balance. Not because a balance between Light and Darkness doesn't sound interesting, but because I feel like we've heard a ton from the Darkness and minions of the Darkness, but we've barely heard anything at all from the Light's perspective. If Destiny is ultimately going to end with a balance, I at least want the Light to speak up and make its flaws known. Right now, all we've really heard from is the old Leviathan in Fundament's depths which basically said "the Light lets a bunch of innocents die, but also builds safe places for those that don't. So... good luck with the not dying thing."

I want to hear from the Traveler or from those that created it before "Light is too bright and Darkness to dark" becomes the thing we seek out in Destiny 3...

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