Calling Dr. Shingo, Dr. Ragashingo *Spoilers* (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Monday, March 11, 2019, 20:12 (491 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I suppose I was working off the supposition that the story, the myth, played better with a gunshot. But I suppose in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter if he shot or not, but there is more to support taking the shot. (Albeit I kinda like the idea that Ward refused the path Shin accepted, I digress)

And I guess I wasn’t clear enough with what I meant by ploy. The redemption arc for Yor being chasing a successor. That Ward couldn’t produce the necessary fire, making him unable to do what was necessary, and that Yor knew he had tipped past the event horizon. He was trying to find someone who would walk that line. And Shin has been doing it, but more in the sense of carrying on Yor’s real work. Not weapons of sorrow but finding balance between Light and Dark.

I’ve only done one pass on the new lore stuff, and not even all of it.

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