Dredgen Yor and A Lack of a Light Side Argument (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 01:36 (510 days ago) @ Ragashingo

The lack of argument from The Light is particularly glaring. And with the setup from Vanilla D2 especially so. What we get about The Light is bits and pieces. Gaining Light back from shards of The Traveler and the dream sequences being obvious. But I've been generally disappointed that they didn't go anywhere with what the Speaker had been suggesting:

The Light lives in all places... In all things... You can block it... Even try to trap it... But the Light will always find its way.

It feels a little wasted. Things on a long list of missed potentials. The Traveler waking up really hasn't done anything except allow for a more dynamic skybox. Even if it were just more dream sequences, warnings or guidance. Or Ghost having something of value to say for a change. We have a lot more philosophising in the lore about Darkness and I think it is fair to question why we don't get more about Light. Though I do appreciate the perspective we get on it from the Books of Sorrow, it would be nice to have more current thoughts.

I don't think that the end result will be 50/50, even if the story goes to gray.

The Sky is the harder way. But it is kinder.

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