Who the heck finds this out!? (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Thursday, April 04, 2019, 07:27 (324 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

Apparently, if you unequip your Sentry gear when you’re at 5 stacks, you keep the Taken damage buff without penalty, letting you melt the blockers and boss on the second damage phase in seconds.

Yep, I feel like just stripping all my armor off right before a win.

There's whole groups that hop into private matches just to test out every minutiae for the sake of numbers. I'm sure they were testing exactly how much of a buff the perks were, then were shocked when they unequipped the gear and the buff stayed.

But yeah, gear-specific buffs staying after you remove the gear? That's just basic playtesting. I'm amazed that it got into the game.

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