FYI, this bug utterly breaks Reckoning (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Saturday, July 13, 2019, 21:34 (364 days ago) @ Claude Errera

As if Reckoning weren’t bad enough already, lol.

Tonight, I decided to grind some Tier 3 Reckoning in the hopes of completing a Notorious Hunter set. I had the Gambit portion of the weekly bounty done, so 4 Reckoning completions would get me the helmet, plus whatever other drops I got along the way.

My experience tonight included the following:

• Matching into 3-4 instances before finally loading into a game with a complete team (this repeated each time I re-queued into matchmaking)

• Getting killed by the portal in the Drifter’s ship(?!?)

• Not once marching with a blueberry who understood the idea of waiting for all players to load in before jumping across and starting the timer (same goes for entering the bridge section)

• Getting hit by a “contacting Destiny servers” notification while trying to collect my loot after a successful completion, which resulted in me getting no loot AND failing to retrieve my mote.

• Finally, after completing my 4th successful run, I got hit by the laggy bounty bug. The bounty wouldn’t “pop”, so I couldn’t collect my loot. I watched the timer run down and the vault close... still nothing. Finally, I went to orbit in frustration. The bounty never did “complete” itself, but my mote did eventually return to my inventory. I spent another hour getting 2 more completions. Same results both times. I finally just deleted the bounty from my pursuits, and was then able to complete a run and get a drop.

What’s really strange is that I did complete the weekly helmet bounty on my Warlock a couple days ago without any problems. So it seems like the bug might somehow only affect specific individual bounties?

At any rate, tonight convinced me that Reckoning is the worst activity ever put into Destiny. It’s just an awful experience at every level. It’d be great if Bungie smoothed out the rough edges, because there’s potential for a fun activity in there. But as it stands now... yikes O_o

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