So . . . Solstice is here. What do you think? (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Wednesday, July 31, 2019, 01:08 (1730 days ago) @ Ragashingo

The grind looks worse than it is. It is designed to be casually completed over 4 weeks (or powered through in a weekend as the high profile folks will do). I had an open evening and have all but 2 objectives completed for the first upgrade on my Titan. 1 of 28 days. I sympathize not having a full 3 characters and wanting that Sparrow. But the objectives to get to the Legendary sets really aren’t that bad when you look at how long you have to complete the objectives.

Regarding the event itself: I think the EAZ is neat. It is a clever use of assets. Similar to the redressing of the Infinite Forest for other events. I would love to see it get repurposed to something more permanent, as the play space doesn’t leave much opportunity to just explore. I’m enjoying the 30 second orb buff concept. It’s neat. Though I sort of wish it was something you manually triggered. Being a smoldering blight in Crucible definitely throws people off though.

I am not sure it will hold up for a month if this is everything. Though rumors suggest it won’t be. It is a nice change of pace from this last weeks Iron Banner. I had decided to do all 18 bounties this last week as I had gotten through most of them already, but Final Blow requirements in team PvP are annoying. The fact that everything here can be completed cooperatively (and with your choice of Gambit or Crucible) is very nice and a good way to be more celebratory.

Also, I hate the mini sparrow. I hate it so much.

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