Really Bungie!? (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Wednesday, July 31, 2019, 09:54 (1724 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

I'm curious though, why do you use the word "locked"? You can get bright dust just like every other resource. It is just because it's also associated with money?

Yeah, basically.

I mostly agree with you. I think the Eververse is mostly fine, even sort of good, at least in the scale of current real money stores in games. It still feels a little shitty that doing the fun content doesn’t reward you with cool stuff as much as it used to, with that stuff going to Eververse instead.

Rise of Iron really set expectations going forward in terms of cosmetics, and they haven’t even come close to matching them. I really think every activity should have its own cool glowy set. I might be in the minority, but that would honestly make me more likely to spend real money with Tess. Now I don’t do it mostly out of spite, because it feels like Bungie is forcing it on me. If it was only one option of many, I’d feel better about dipping into that option.

I’ve spent money three times in Eververse. Once within the first month of D2, just to see what it was like. And then I bought a Whisper ornament and a Bad Juju ornament because those were such cool experiences that it feels worthwhile. I’d buy an Outbreak ornament too if they weren’t ugly.

I’ll be interested to see what Eververse is like next season with no more Bright Engrams and how the Bright Dust economy changes. It seems like they are really trying to drain players of their stockpiled Bright Dust right now, and it seems at least slightly nefarious.

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