Prepare to be shocked and saddened. (Destiny)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Wednesday, August 07, 2019, 09:43 (623 days ago) @ narcogen

My first character's blues are almost done. Got my hundredth miniboss yesterday. Promptly went to orbit.

Nice! That miniboss requirement is by far the worst part of the grind. The 10 Gambit games is a solid 2nd place, though.

I'm just kicking myself now because it's possible I might try to go for a 2nd or 3rd set, and now I found out doing so would have been more efficient if I'd started all 3 at once instead of one at a time. I hadn't done that before because I didn't want the disappointment of not finishing those sets and then having to delete them with unfinished progress.

It looks like it's just the masterwork requirements that work cross-character, though if anyone has found out that having all three characters at blue at the same time will let you get away with only getting 100 miniboss kills and playing 10 gambit game across all characters, I'm going to be really disappointed in myself.

It's weird. I find that the addition of orbs and orb-collecting, as well as incentives to deploy different element types even in playlists with singes means I am enjoying strikes more, but the minibosses requirement meant spending proportionally more time in the EAZ falling off of buildings and getting angry at randoms for burning bosses with no one around.

Yeah, no way to spin it. I straight-up HATE that miniboss requirement. It's much better if you get a team of three and are willing to cheese it, but even if you get lucky and get the right EAZ variant on your first attempt, it's still nearly an hour grind. It is, however, a great time to dig through your collections tab and find those weapons that you never got around to farming masterwork kills for. :p


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