Time to weigh in with a Fringe Opinion (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 11:32 (365 days ago) @ Ragashingo

Im glad they’ve realized that Well of Radiance is an overpowered, fun destroying Super in PVE. And that “using your Super to get a Super” is similar. I look forward to being an active participant in Raids again, instead of one of the people who get told not to kill anything because I’ll disrupt the Hunter or Warlock who are necessary for success...

I suppose I see the complaint about this, but I don't feel it when I'm playing. I enjoy seeing a Well when my Fireteam is taking shots from all directions, and suddenly there's a safe place to stand and catch a breather, or focus fire on larger enemies.

And with regard to "using your Super to get a Super", I think Orpheus Rigs provide an important function within the gamut of available exotics to produce orbs for the fireteam. I guess I don't really see why folks are down on the exotics that generate orbs in high quantities, it seems like they're designed to get party started with regard to Super chains in almost any activity. Not sure why this is a bad thing.

And for my next trick, I'm going to heap some love on Reckoning. I was frankly a little dismayed that Lukems is telling us they may be going back on part of the design philosophy with regard to the Reckoning, and going back to some of the guidelines they'd tossed in the process of developing the encounters. Yes, the bridge is harrowing and challenging; but having to watch my six (and all angles, really) forces me and my fireteam to really play differently. In a way, it's the closest thing I've felt to the initial encounter of the Crota Raid in D1. Being an immortal avatar of destruction has always been fun, but "carve in this direction" feels kinda lame. It comes off to me more as we-set'em-up-you-knock'em-down in a narrow valley of death. I appreciate that they don't want to design things in such a way that leaves only a narrow set of options for success, and I'd implore them not to, but I'd hope this indicates a refinement and embellishment of the Reckoning encounters rather than a "let's move on" mentality.

If anything, I think a couple more boss encounters thrown into the rotation, along with maybe even a couple of new second-tier encounters that could exist where the bridge encounter currently sits (or hell, even another segment altogether in the encounter chain) could really breathe new life into that activity. If the goal is a general focusing and refinement of the activities on hand, rather than expanding the game infinitely, I hope this means new things in that direction.

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