I never finished Quantum Break (Gaming)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Thursday, August 29, 2019, 10:01 (320 days ago) @ Xenos

173 isn’t my favorite, but it is the OG, so it felt appropriate.

I never finished Alan Wake, but playing Control has me really wanting to do so. I like Control’s story more than Quantum Break’s, but I think that’s mostly a presentation thing. I love the videos with the Director.

Yeah I agree with that. Overall I loved Quantum Break's story, but the cinematics and everything are not that great, it was mostly the lore that really built it. Control the cinematics do a really good job (so far anyway) of telling the story and the lore just builds on it.

I loved that game right up until the final boss fight. I enjoyed the story and gameplay, but the final fight had too many BS insta-kill mechanics and they committed the cardinal sin of story games--placing a checkpoint before a long, obnoxious cutscene. Technically, you could skip it, but your load time would take just as long as the cutscene would have.

Control sounds interesting, and I've loved everything else I've played from Remedy (minus that boss fight). I'll have to check it out when it goes on sale.


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