Crucible Thoughts (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Thursday, October 03, 2019, 19:41 (281 days ago) @ cheapLEY

I played some Crucible today.

My initial impressions are that it's great! I played some Freelance Competitive--solo queues only in 3v3 Survival. I ended up with some really dunce teammates (why in that actual hell would you just stand out in the open when every single person on the enemy team is carrying either a Revoker or a Beloved? Seriously, these people were braindead). Still got a few wins though. I love 3v3 Survival. It feels really great--I can't wait to go in with a fireteam.

I also played some Clash and some Control. It's mostly the same, but the super game is much better. I took out a Striker Titan--by myself! He was just charging from across the map and I shot him to death. That wouldn't have been possible last week. Supers are easier to kill and don't happen as often, and it's great.

I'm not sure about Heavy spawn yet. I haven't really noticed it, to be honest. I haven't been killed by heavies a whole lot, although I've certainly picked it up much more than I would have previously. I used to leave the Heavy for someone else--I always ended up wasting it. Now I can actually grab some, which is cool. I was worried it'd be awful with the whole other team getting it, but I haven't seen many teams coordinate well so everyone can grab it. I have seen that Heavy spawn is more heavily contested now, though.

Overall, I really like the changes. I'm eager to play a whole lot more. I want to try Elimination in Crucible Labs, too!

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