Thoughts on Shadowkeep so far. (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Friday, October 04, 2019, 08:41 (661 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Where I’m at:

I’ve completed the Shadowkeep campaign on 2 characters, and I’m half-way through it with my 3rd Character. All 3 characters are now in the 910-920 light range.


I really enjoyed the Shadowkeep campaign. This feels to me like the best job they’ve done at weaving a story between traditional campaign missions, a new location, patrol activities, strikes, and loot acquisition. The story missions themselves are some of the best that Bungie has made since the Halo days, IMO. I do also like the fact that the campaign isn’t particularly long.

That said, I’m finding the post-campaign situation a bit barren. I won’t get into spoilers here, but I was hoping for a Taken King or RoI situation where you complete the main story and then all these new subquests open up and spiderweb you around the new location. But unless I’m missing something, it just kinda ends once the campaign is over. You can continue to grind out more of the moon weapons, and there are collectables to hunt, but aside from that it’s looking like 2 of my characters are already pretty much done. I know we’ve got more stuff coming shortly with the Vex and the new raid, so it’s too early to say anything about whether or not there’s “enough to do”, but upon finishing the story, at that specific moment, I did find it a bit anticlimactic to realize there wasn’t a bunch more to see and do, at least for now.

The moon itself is great. Love it.

Finishers feel like something that should have been in the game since day 1. They just fit right in.

Hand cannons on console are great now (most of them... trying to fire Nation if Beasts feels like riding a bucking bronco right now).


Not much to say here yet, except that I played 13 games of the solo-que comp playlist and lost 11 of them... I don’t know what’s going on with matchmaking but in almost every single game I was matched with teammates who had no business getting matched against our opponents, or I was the one who was drastically outclassed by the other team. Hopefully it’s just a bit of bad luck. I love the 3v3 game mode, aside from the heavy ammo spawning every damn round. It blows my mind that anyone at Bungie would think “you know what comp needs? MORE HEAVY AMMO”. But whatever, lol. Also, that damn Pinnacle Scout Rifle is going to ruin my stats this season. Trying to get kills with scout rifles (to earn the gun) is like playing with 1 arm tied behind my back. And no, I wasn’t using a scout rifle during my comp matches, in case you’re wondering ;)

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