Meta: How can something so silent be SO NOISY! (DBO)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Saturday, January 25, 2020, 13:45 (1552 days ago)

This post was originally to be posted in the root thread of Disintegration Beta, but as I typed it up, I found it's topic to be relevant enough for its own thread - so here we go.

So as per present usual, we get ourselves on a tangent here at DBO. What started with an innocent informative post on the upcoming game beta by a Grizzled/Disembodied Halo Dev became about micro-transactions and whatnot. I was - originally - going to post somewhere around the time when Harmanimus brought the perspective of Artists being paid for their work, or something along those lines. Yet when I read this, it was late and I needed to get to bed. I'll make a post tomorrow I said.

When I returned but a few hours later, the spark of some tone took off and I didn't even need to click to see the substance as the amount and titles were enough. As the day progressed and the list of threads grew at quite a rate I standing at my distance remarked "How can something so silent be SO NOISY!". I eventually clicked a random post, where breitzen - who in my purview trends rather cool - ended with the hashtag "Reboot Humanity". Oh... well that tends well.

Outside this forum, I know not your lives. Be that for better or worse time shall tell, but I do know that there are many things outside this forum that may be, have been, or so goes the jest - which fray at the nerves. Classic Horsemen doing their historical rounds, same but different. We reflect and respond to our environments to survive for whatever an end. I suppose that's why I'm making this post right now... yeah. I ain't goin', don't jump.

I've been posting here since 2013, just shy of 7 years. Gotta say... sure shoot'n feels longer then that. Before that, I did dabble @ HBO, but not by much as the forum format was a touch much for me. When I joined this forum, it was for a multitude of reasons. One, the given, DESTINY The Game. The other main reason, and I've mentioned this before, is the general tone this forum had. When compared to many other forums across the net, this place was... what word do I want to use? Jovial? Reasoned? Don't let the imagination take this too far, it's still an internet forum, but... it was nice having discussions with perspectives I may have not considered before. Case and point back to this current now, Harmanimus brought a perspective with merit I've not seen mentioned before, regardless on agreement. I would like to explore that, but it seems moot as it all gets lost in the briny expectorate in this sea of posts. I'm afraid to touch it, lest I get sucked into the tempest of fury.


We used to have... far more adults in the room here. On this I.P. of the internet. Not a lone word, and I obviously don't mean age... but that description will do. I mean not of moderation (which for this place is another topic entirely) but users of personal capacity to not make every single thing you disagree with suddenly some sort of personal vendetta. How many times have we in this forum made statements about the Destiny The Game subreddits salt content. Well, now how the shoe is on the other foot. Any blueberry can see "this place is too salty, I'm going back to reddit". But it's worse then that, as it isn't strictly about Destiny.

As this forum, and the game at large, has grown we've also gained... I won't call them bad actors, as I don't think that is their intention, but they contently have been destroyers of decorum. Of which, in my knowledge, only one has been permanently (a very well earned) ban. Every other word was baseless vitriol, and every word after that was a pessimism present-day Korny seemingly aspires to. Our banned poster would bluntly decree how Destiny is the worst game ever, and the people who play it are even worse... cool story bro... banned. With nonsense like this, we all lose our cool sometimes (and unfortunately some easier then others). Yet... I'm starting to see a pattern.

I've noted some who are constant - to the point of guarantee - with strong, emotional language. Loosely built, and with direct assertions. A reckless throwing of barbs, and a falling knife has no handle. Seeing these verbal knives thrown your way, and even the coolest cat will bark with in defense. To Survive. Or... just leave. TO survive.

Which brings me to the meat of this post;What's goin' on folks? What changed? What needs to change? Can we change it? I don't think we're lost yet, but I'm seeing the posts thin more and more AND I had to say something. What's goin' on folks? Is it life? Is it a change in nature? Something else?

TL;DR - This forum has become this clip far more then I like.

In the collective isolation of the net, have we gone mad? One foot in home, and one foot in this world collection, have we lost the perspective of things? Can we save ourselves from this madness? That answer is yea, but you got to want it more then entropy does. Or shall we succumb to it? How many chains of weakness have we now? Speak now so we may solve, or stay silent so that we may be swept away by the pattern of things, to where ever it takes us. The choice shall be the vote.

...presuming we can do this without repeating the reason of my post in the first place.

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