Irony. (DBO)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Monday, January 27, 2020, 00:40 (1550 days ago) @ someotherguy

My own and, if I'm lucky, maybe one or two others in the peanut gallery.

I really do mean no hate, we clearly just dont see eye to eye. I dislike your flowery (dare I say pompous? Very good!) delivery, and had genuinely been wondering where you were, so this arrived like a christmas present.

Likewise, you dislike my general tone and snark. I don't take personal offense or wish you any ill. In principle I even agree with your message. Our means of delivery are just so different that they're essentially irreconcileable.

(So... does that mean Harmanimus is speaking a whole 'nother language for you or... *bah*... I digress...)

At my core, my (the word I use is) -exacting- manner of speech IS because of Britannia...erm... British Television. Everything from The Avengers, Hercule Poirot, "Are You Being Served?"... so on. Hence, ironic, ya limey bastard. Hence... I'm crazy :P. I do apologize if what has been so chiseled into the stones of my old soul brings you pain.
My perchance for poetry, blood in the eyes.

Speaking of crazy... you dislike the manner of my posts, but have been wondering where I was? You poor thing. You Brits sure do love self agony don't ya? Eh... to the meat of the matter and eye to eye. Does snark translate well on these textual internets? Often not. And tone can ebb on the mood we bring with us. No... no your guess to what brings me concern, which you brought here in prime example, is incorrect. It is not you nor any other one still here. Zero Fucks... how's that for flowers. The insult part is but a snap of my fingers, your mock -intended or not- of my concern is a puff of hot air. The burn is on your character, not mine. What brings me concern is a post that ultimately exists to be selfish, in whatever its form. Now I know(?), who am I to freek'n dictate? I'm not a mod, nor admin, nor some (as far as I know) close link in blood (as if that would help?). I dictate because what I care about is quality, as implied in my original utterance. That's it. I'm a simple man. And it's not even all that exacting, it's rather broad in scope. I want this little corner of the net to thrive, and we're small enough that we can do it. (For more information ask Marty! ;D)

I hope I am not alone in a want of quality, or all this is for not. Here...

I was expecting this post from someone, in addition to something overly verbose and hand-wringing for yourself, about 2 days ago.

Convenient that you've combined them both into a single thread though.

P.S. No hate <3

How is this supposed to further discussion? (The irony of the question is not lost on me.)

So when you come to this, and post that you KNEW someone was going to post *this*, what have you added? What is it you are saying? Nothing in this post implies that you agree, I suppose disagree... or maybe not... I don't know. +1? -1? You took the time to post more then a blurb, so what am I working with here? What am I supposed to go off of? What is it you are saying? I sure ain't getting "Ha ha ha this amuses me". Your post exists for an ego - LOOK HOW SMART you are. OH WOW! (P.S. No hate <3)


I mean... I'm so glad you got your kick, your "Amusement, mostly", but you're not a child (I presume). Your action has repercussions. Our actions, repercussions... I can't even fathom while I write it. I can guess, but to the wind. I hope I have conveyed my meaning well, both now and to the future. Am I speaking to you right now? Can you reply to this? Or does nothing else need be said? Re-per-cussions.

Posts made selfishly (and some times one is too much) poison the social well, and I say that with experience as I used to do the same thing (ignorantly). The EXACT blasted thing. For Amusement*. Ya know... primordial-internet-I-don't-know-you-assholes (and Kermit) how-the-fuck-can-I-care-what-happens? I just want to kick back and yammer after a long day. Spit loose, and the internet is my pub. It's all about the kicks, right? Just say... whatever. It doesn't matter. Bah. If past you is stupid, that probably means you're progressing. Probably. I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yet... and here is the kicker... Amusement is fine**! HOW'S THAT for a double take! Shoot, that's why we're here at this forum, but if there is to be continued discussion beyond Destiny The Game in this stripped down format, where I can't see your face (Hallelujah!) and can't hear your voice, well all I have is what is writ in the page, so don't poison the well. Strive to bring some quality to the table and share it among us.

If the well is not poisoned, spinning like a whirlpool, we all get our social fill as we talk about... whatever. We get to jump in and converse! Explore ideas, learn things we may have missed, ask questions, get messy, and generally better ourselves in some capacity. That's it. It's... rather simple. I didn't jump in and converse because the well seemed poisoned. One too many in so many weeks. After a while... you either find out what's poisoning it, or find another water hole. That makes sense, yes? You can decipher this, yes?

Ya limey bastard.

*(I was also trying to figure out this speaking thing at minimum, but that's a ball of wax for a book.)
**(Ha ha made you look.) :P

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