My complete argument against gear sunsetting (Destiny)

by Pyromancy @, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 11:33 (40 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

I feel like you missed hitting on a truly REALLY strong point which you delivered extremely well in the recent months.

Just to point out...
On the other hand...

You recently outlined your excited and nostalgic eagerness at the thought of logging into D1 again and re-visiting some of your old favourite, game-defining Weapons & Armors which you thought were housed safely in your Vault.
However, upon logging in to D1 you were left with a bitter deflated feeling, re-visited, in the awful reality of the situation when finding that many of your old favourites(Weapons&Armors) were dismantled and 'lost to time' from a prior D1 "Sunsetting" event after the game world/available loot out grew the storage capacity of the Vault.
This dejected and bitter feeling of no longer having access to this old game-defining gear led you to turn off the game and not play it.

For me, this encompasses possibly the crux of the “Sunsetting” problem.

This impending "Sunsetting” event coming soon to D2 is shaping up exactly like you said in that post, we’ve been through this before, and we know how it was handled in the past.

I share your fears and know that it does not have to go down the same way again, if they don't want it to.
I don’t want to log into D2 anytime soon and have that same dejected feeling from the end of D1 regarding gear we once had, or gear we don’t have the space for and were forced to lose.

In D1, an amazing solution to the Vault Space and “Sunsetting” problem (or at least part of it) was implemented in the waning time of the game, during Age of Triumph. The in game Kiosks were born, to capture our arsenal and document items which we have acquired. More specifically, Exotic and Adept weapons and armor. Additionally, the Triumph Books (remember those) hold a number of significant items which we can reacquire anytime – even still to this very day. This allowed us to free up inventory space by deleting older items to make room for newer items while still being able to re-acquire the old items at a later date by spending plentiful in game materials.

This D1 method was realized and added too late into the game and seemingly didn’t make it into D2 initially, but was added at a later date with Collections.

For me personally, I’m not that opposed to “Sunsetting”, I am opposed to losing the gear that I have acquired along the way thus far. I feel, that the gear earned, when it is earned, and time spent using it, helps to tell the story of or is part of my ongoing Legend.

I believe that the solution to much of the friction and bad feelings that come along with “Sunsetting” can be at least partially remedied by utilizing Collections to a greater potential.

I don’t know it all, nor do I have all the right answers.
I didn’t ask for random roll perks that were for whatever reason added to D2 after the fact. I don’t much care what little fake number is next to my characters name. I’m not looking to break the game by pulling old imbalanced weapons/armor out and go grief people in the Crucible. I’m not a min/max-er trying to break the combat system by taking out old overpowered armors and running wild.

If provided the chance to re-acquire an item at a later date, at a reasonable cost of plentiful in game materials (with no RNG involved), I’m more likely to be ok with dismantling something now and picking it back up later at my leisure.

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