Same-ish leak also put Series X at $499 US, November 10. (Gaming)

by breitzen @, Kansas, Tuesday, September 08, 2020, 13:35 (17 days ago) @ Korny

With Microsoft forced to blink first, Sony is in a good spot to undercut them, but $299 is too good a price for them to really do much about it (given how MS can afford a bigger hardware hit).

I predict the PS5 will be $350 diskless, $450 otherwise (assuming they are willing to take a bigger hit than MS for the sake of install base. That SSD bringing the price to $499 won’t sound like a great deal to the majority of consumers who see the $299 alternative).

Name the last time a company who had the lead in market share "did the right thing" for the consumer? If anything they might think they can get away with charging more because their product is "more popular". I don't really see that happening above $499 though. I bet both premium consoles are priced at $499. PS5 digital will probably be $399 unless they opt for a smaller SSD like the Series S.

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