Plus, EA Play is coming to GamePass at no extra cost. (Gaming)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, September 09, 2020, 10:30 (18 days ago) @ cheapLEY
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It depends on how you look at it. You can’t just ignore that you’re getting Game Pass and say that a Series S will cost $600. Taken at face value and paying full price for Game Pass Ultimate, you’re getting a Series S for $240, or a Series X for $480. That’s a good deal. I suspect most people are just paying the $15 a month for Game Pass Ultimate, rather than hunting for deals, so I’m not sure you can really use deal pricing to judge the value. I mean, you can, personally, but I don’t think that’s how most people are engaging with the service to begin with.

I mean, it definitely sounds like a good value if you're the kind to slap your card on something and hit "Auto-renew".

But it is a lot more expensive in the long run if you're even casually into deals and sales (Microsoft historically has two major sales per year on Gamepass and Gold, with one pretty much every November). Like I said, even WITH Gamepass ultimate included in the $600, you end up paying far more than you would if you just financed the console through Best Buy (who wouldn't charge you any interest for a while, given the price), and picked up a couple of deals for Ultimate down the road.

That said, I hope enough suckers people are financially sound enough to just do the All Access (though, why wouldn't they just buy the console outright at that point?), since that can only give MS more incentive to invest in Gamepass down the road.

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