This is gonna be painful. :( (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, January 14, 2021, 16:59 (323 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

Turn in those Tokens
(Note: Before any of us do such, I would like to know how much tokens y'all have accumulated.)

Every once in a while, when I feel like I'm spending too many legendary shards, I drop 1000 Crucible tokens with Shaxx. It takes a while (maybe 10 minutes), because I have to stop each time i get to about 20 items in my postmaster, then walk over and delete all those (and the ones now on my character), then back to Shaxx to do it again.

I've got 24,000 left. :(

Whatever I don't turn in gets deleted in 4 weeks. That's a lot of standing and turning in time - which I guess I could skip, if I felt like throwing away a few thousand shards. (Which I don't.)


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