The hope of Transmog and other thoughts (Destiny)

by Robot Chickens, Friday, January 15, 2021, 14:09 (369 days ago) @ EffortlessFury

Transmog might make this more tenable.

I've seen a lot of this sentiment lately. My understanding of transmog is that it would allow us to reskin armor to appear as others. If that is correct, how does this address the investment/obsolete grind identified in this thread?

Am I wrong and has there been some other way transmog has been talked about by Bungie? If so, I would love to read about it. That being said, I would not put my hope in it until it is explicitly defined.


Regarding Masterworks and Sunsetting, I thought that the goal was to control the sandbox over time so that previous dev decisions didn't haunt them for eternity. If that is the assumption, it really should only apply to guns and mods.

The only way I can see them justifying the sunsetting of armor is to keep people grinding. Honestly, I would play new activities just for the aesthetics/perks (such as that of raid gear). I don't need some sort of deprecation system in place to get me to play. In fact, like Cheaply, sunsetting armor actively makes me not want to play. It adds a subtle pressure to every investment decision (did I choose the wrong one?) that just doesn't work in a constant loot-stream game.

I'm pretty much on board with the decision to sunset guns because there appears to be a solid player-friendly end goal at the end: an evolving sandbox that has fun perks/combos that won't create power creep. In some ways it's an elegant solution. Armor Sunsetting feels like BS.

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