Bungie Update: Road to the Witch Queen (Destiny)

by FyreWulff, Thursday, February 25, 2021, 20:08 (53 days ago) @ cheapLEY

This all sounds truly great. Those all sound like solid changes. I wish they would just go ahead and revert sunsetting completely though. Maybe keep the old Pinnacle/Ritual weapons sunset if they really feel like they need to, but let everything else come forward. My Trust or Midnight Coup or Bygones or Blast Furnace wouldn’t hurt anything. The biggest issue there is I’d be upset because I sharded most of that stuff already.

The power thing is a decent change, although I’m not thrilled that it means that it will be straight Pinnacle leveling for an entire year between expansions. I’d be happier if they let Primes help during the Pinnacle phase, and if they could implement a catch up system, so I could still earn all available Pinnacles for the season if I miss a week or two. But I’ll take it, as doing it once and hitting max will mean I would have a reasonable power deficit all year long.

I think the reason they aren't retroactively removing sunsetting is because their plans needed the currently sunset batch to be.. well... sunset. Like it or not, those guns and armor are gone now for the endgame, maybe partly due to people sharding all of them, but because they were looking to get rid of them in general.

They do mention there will be some other method to rotate the endgame, so it was likely easier to account for the currently-not-sunset stuff in those plans. Remember that they said a while back that the whole way power works will be reworked/rebooted, so perhaps sunsetting in the way it was currently implemented wouldn't make sense in whatever the upcoming power concept system is. That, and the decision was to either keep the current sunset selection sunset or go back and nerf the heck out of them, so, decisions..

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