The Truth* about Shadebinder (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 10:39 (22 days ago) @ squidnh3

Sort of related, I guess, but are Raids still considered high level content? I feel like most of them aren’t as difficult as even Master Nightfalls in terms of actual combat ability. Hell, I think I die more often in the average Battlegrounds than I do in any raid, although that’s probably because I’m not taking it as seriously and the punishment for dying is zero.

I guess it’s just a tangent now, but I really wish raids were more demanding in terms of the actual combat. I think that’s why I don’t raid much anymore. I love blind raiding and the next few weeks of becoming really familiar with any given raid, but they get boring pretty fast after they’re figured out. I think I could do my roles in Deep Stone with my eyes closed at this point. I know exactly which enemies will spawn from which doorways and when they will do so.

I want more combat in raids and less pushing the correct glowy thing. Skolas is a perfect scenario in difficult encounter design, I think. It’s mainly combat focused, with some added stuff to constantly manage. In most raids now, the actual shooting aliens parts feel secondary, and I think it feels kind of backwards.

In any case, I guess my point is that raiding didn’t even enter my mind when I said high level content. Survivability doesn’t seem to be the problem in raids at this point—it’s mostly just about damage output, which Stasis sucks for. I have a much more difficult time starting alive in Harbinger or Prophecy or Master Presage or even Master Nightfalls than I do in raids, and so I wouldn’t use Stasis for those activities, and would instead use something that has some more get out of jail free cards like wells or bubbles or invisibility. But again, maybe that’s just because I’m not skilled enough or not playing Stasis effectively, and maybe slowing or freezing everything around you is better than those other things.

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