The Truth* about Shadebinder (Destiny)

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Disclaimer: I despise Stasis. Absolutely hate it. As far as I’m concerned, nothing short of removing it from the game altogether would be “enough”, but that obviously isn’t going to happen. IMO, for every moment of fun that Stasis creates, there are 50 moments of brain-melting frustration and “who the *#%& thought this was a good idea?!?” levels of confusion.

All that said, I think the idea of potent tracking on an ability that freezes opponents and shuts down supers is a disaster for PvP. There needs to be some kind of trade-off when it comes to abilities that you barely have to aim. The crucible is already plagued by too many things that kill you instantly and can’t be avoided outside of extremely niche circumstances. I think the recent round of stasis nerfs were a big step in the right direction, so I worry about anything that makes any Stasis abilities stronger than they already were.

PvE isn’t as bad, IMO. Stasis makes PvE too easy as it is, but it wouldn’t be that big a deal if it remained overpowered in that side of the game.

An observation. It's not Stasis, its the powerlessness in a game of power. More than that, in fact.

So... sometimes I write up posts that never get posted, as what good is a post if y'all can't decipher the odds and ends my brain can bring together into some sort of social circuitry. I was thinking about how fast things can down you in PvP, weapons in particular where I managed to write up this;

Weapons that can just wash the fun away, as they are little fun to play against. I'll say that again, but slower... fun... to play... against. Not just WITH, but against. DUH! There is no conversation, rarely an aggressive chat, just *BOOM*, respawn so you can get hit again. Fun.

Weapons aside, which can very much be it's own lone topic, I think this is also quite true with Stasis which has a unique way that to bring about such frustration. This is despite the many manners of discombobulation we as players have in this game. Suppressor Grenades (Titan), Disorienting Blow (Hunter), Hunter Smoke Grenades, Gemini Jester Exotic, of course the Hunters Bow... there may be others, but I think that's it. Oh! Blinding grenades on single shot grenade launchers. What is it about Stasis that makes it any more obnoxious than any of these? At first the answer may seem to be ubiquity, which must admit definitely doesn't help. But really I think the answer is "that lack of conversation". Ubiquity would be irrelevant if we could reply in turn with whatever wits of battle we hold in the moment.

The suppressor grenade requires battle estimation, where will it bounce? The Melee requires a combo in locality to really get its pay off. In fact, that's actually a good overview for all of them, a combo in locality to really get its pay off. But not for Stasis. If game play is story, than apparently the Darkness is right, and there isn't even a contest. If you stand in a Warlock Well (Gambit), dead. Titan Bannershield is useless. Everything else super wise is simply delayed now if it isn't just nulled. Note if it was just the Supers that could pull this off, I suppose it wouldn't be AS annoying. We've put up with Bow Hunters since D1, and unless it's in Mayhem PvP, it's not all that annoying. I don't recall it getting much of the vitriol as Stasis has received anyway.

No, every single ability in Original Stasis (I'd like to think there shall be more tweeks down the line), including dropping a Warlock rift if you spec it right, can stop basically anything. I think the only things with any say is bubble, which at least does something to block all the maddness, and my personal fave Middle Tree Arcstrider.

I don't know what calls were made and why, but I think I would have designed Stasis differently.

With all THAT said... I disagree. The Warlock Stasis Super is useless unless a combatant/player gets "tagged" in some way. A Super should not be useless, I think we both can agree on that much. If you are out in the open, it's not just Stasis - any super really - you're going to have a bad time. Note in the clip showing off the tracking, they are testing it in very open rather unique spaces. If the stasis projectile hits anything, it's gone. As for a super that shuts down supers, again, how is it any different than bow? Admittedly it doesn't track, nor does it freeze... but per its AoE Range and Extreme restriction of movement, it's fairly the same. I'd even say the in the time it would take you to shoot the tether, should you be able to, you'd be unfrozen of Stasis, should you be able to.

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