Grenades. (Destiny)

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Looks like we all are getting an extra grenade from other void sub-classes. Warlocks don't have magnetic grenades right now, that's Titan exclusive pre-Witch Queen. Then again, based on chatter in trailer, it seems we are getting ALL(?) the void grenades? I guess then in that case overcharge wouldn't work from some of them?

Well, I found the answer to this soon enough. From Pcgamer;

It's official: Destiny 2's grenades are universal now. Recently Bungie gave us a showcase of some of The Witch Queen's upcoming features, including a look at the Void 3.0 rework that's launching alongside the expansion for Season 16. And the big news for Guardians chasing grenade kill bounties is that you'll be able to equip any Void grenade in the game. Want some Axion Bolts for your Hunter? Sure thing. Want to rock Suppressors on your Warlock? Go for it.

But the new Chaos Accelerant also works with one of the new (for Warlock) grenade types. With it equipped, overcharged Magnetic grenades will trigger a short-range Void blast. This sounds a lot like what used to be middle-tree Voidwalker's Handheld Supernova. And while it's not clear if the effect will be as powerful, by tying it to a specific, previously unavailable, grenade type it does sneakily nerf certain Exotic interactions like using Nothing Manacles to get two Scatter grenades that—under the old system—could be turned into Handheld Supernova charges.

I am VERY VERY sad about not being able to double Handheld Supernova. So much for THAT build. Not to run away with my imagination, but now I'm wondering what all the middle tree kit is going to look like when all is said and done. :/

The middle tree kit is so much fun, and it's sad that Bungie is so afraid of it. V_V

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