How does Halo’s matchmaking work? (Destiny)

by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 09:47 (727 days ago) @ cheapLEY

I’ve been playing a lot of Infinite again lately, and I find myself thinking Bungie could learn a thing or two from 343 in terms of matchmaking. I genuinely don’t know if they’re using skill based or what, but it’s been truly fantastic. Almost every single match I’ve played over the past week has been an absolute nail-biter. Every Slayer match has been a total tug of war, ending with less than a five point difference. Even better is that there very rarely seems to be one player on a team pulling all the weight, with some no-thumbed wonder dragging the bottom of the scoreboard.

It’s the complete opposite of how Crucible has been for ages now. I’m not sure what 343 has going over there, but I really wish Bungie would figure it out.

Infinite and MCC use SBMM (Skill based Match Making) and in theory, it is a good thing.

Except it isn't, at least not ALL the time.

SBMM (usually)makes every game sweaty and competitive :)
SBMM (usually)makes every game sweaty and competitive :(

That's why we have Social and Ranked right? Play ranked for competion and balance, play social for a more laid-back experience.

Well... that doesn't work well if both playlists use SBMM.

It's not perfect- and some games you stomp and some you get stomped. That's ok. You should have a mix of all of them. But SBMM really messes up with parties of different skill levels, and that is what makes Halo less fun for me.

I had this experience playing OverWatch with my wife a lot. She's good at the game. I'm better. She plays solo, she's matched with players of her level and has lots of fun. She plays in a party with me, she's playing against higher skilled players and gets destroyed and has no fun, or I get lumped into matches where I'm a a god among n00bs.

This is a quicky that explains it pretty well. Also, those podcasts with Max Hobermin? ::Chef's kiss::

Destiny felt kinda like the old Halo days when I was playing it. Lots of variety in terms of games where I dominated, got dominated, or it was evenly matched. Regular crucible was like "social" and Iron Banner\Trials were ranked. That's what it felt like. Guess which playlists I'd play solo, or with certain friends? I Think I played trials like maybe twice with Korny and others where I was the least skilled and I felt bad when we'd lose and it was because of me lol.

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