Warden’s Law needs converted to Strand, a la Guiding Sight (Destiny)

by Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316) ⌂ @, Detroit, Monday, July 31, 2023, 10:34 (61 days ago) @ cheapLEY

That’s my point. Why should anyone care about what he has to say? He’s not involved with the community, he’s not knowledgeable about the subject matter, and he failed to do even the most basic level of fact checking. It’s not well-written or well-presented or well-edited. He’s just repeating a story someone told him.

He seems like a nice enough kid but, just something about his speech cadence is really off-putting. And not to be mean... he doesn't seem super bright. Probably not a great researcher.

I’m not even talking about whether it’s true or not—I don’t care about that either way. It’s just not a well done video in any way I can see, and I kinda wonder what the point is for him specifically doing it. Why put in the effort to make such a video when then just half-ass the whole thing?

I can only speculate about all that, but taking a quick look at the channel he seems to really like Halo. So perhaps he's just new to it?

As Grizzled Ancients, it might seem like obvious info to us. Noobs however probably aren't going to find out about HBO most of the time. I discovered it from CE's credits, but those were removed from MCC.

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