What if Destiny sucks?

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 09:19 (4179 days ago) @ Revenant1988

With what little information we have on Destiny I look at it this way: This is the game Bungie went independent for. This is the game that they gave up Halo for. This is the game that they shopped around and got a three game contract for. Just given that I can't imagine that Destiny, whatever it is, will be a flop.

What it might be is a game that you personally don't want to play. Maybe someone doesn't like shooter, or RPGs, for me it's dual stick shooters like Geometry Wars. I can't stand the constant maneuvering and the constant aiming. They just aren't for me. If Destiny was somehow a really big Geometry Wars clone I wouldn't buy it or play it but I'd stop back here every once in a while to check the story.

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