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by TDSpiral ⌂ @, TDS Gaming Shack, WA, Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 18:32 (4179 days ago) @ bryan newman

A lot of my life was shaped by my fandom of Halo. My whole career choice was kickstarted by my love of drawing Halo characters. I met my best friend of several years now through a mutual friend in a game of Halo 3. And I got to hang out with you guys at PAX, and had a great time. A lot of very important moments in my life developed from my passion for that series.

I don't know that Destiny will be able to do the same. Maybe it's just because I'm a bit older and slightly jaded. I just hope the next generation of kids like me will pick up Destiny and have some of the coolest experiences in their life because of their fandom. :)

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