This makes me feel so much better. Sorry everyone else.

by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 09:44 (4078 days ago) @ Kermit

In all seriousness, Bungie hasn't made a game from Marathon on* that I didn't enjoy, even if the genre wasn't something I'd played before. In actuality, they usually tweaked the genre I'd been wary of in ways that removed stuff I didn't like, but left the fun. They've done this enough times to earn my loyalty and for me any game with their logo on it is worth a playthrough.

It's possible that I will be disappointed, yes, but it's a bit like a singer whose voice you like. Van Morrison singing Mary Had a Little Lamb is still nice.

*first edit. Yay!

This is what I was hoping to hear from someone who's followed them for so long.

My apologies if the first post rubbed a few of you the wrong way, but please remember:

I don't have the history and investment that a lot of you do with Bungie. I wasn't old enough to play most of their games when I was a kid. I never played Myth, Marathon, gnop! or Pathways into Darkness.I played ONI but didn't like it, that was a long time ago and I didn't know that Bungie had made both games. All I have from them is Halo. There is only one other video game franchise that I've followed or been sucked into as much as Halo.

Back then it never occurred to me to follow the studio before. Hell, I found HBO accidentally BEFORE I ever found Bungie.net because I was searching for art from Halo. It led me to HBO. THEN, I found Bungie. That was in like 2002. I didn't post on either site for many years after that.

What's different about Halo for me though, is you guys. I'm just nervous that if I don't like the next thing that it means the end of .... that "feeling" of being here.

This is just all so NEW for me. I've never been part of something from day 1 or participated in a community like this. HBO and Halo set the bar so high and I didn't realize it until this site became live.

Idk. Ignore me, I'm just dumb and unsure.

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